Fonitronik Clock/Divider/RingMod
RIGHT: The voltage controlled opAmp based RingMod, with a VCA on both the carrier and the modulator input.
Check out this great demonstration of the VC Ring Mod module by Kevin Kissinger:
clip 01 and 02 contain bell sounds, created with an additional ADSR and a SSM2044 VCF. the modulators input is controlled by an LFO. clip 03 is a more complex patch, utilizing two square- wave oscillators, a sequencer controlling carrier oscillator and carrier input , and a LFO controlling the modulators input.

MIDDLE: Another built of my OnBeat -Divider

LEFT: A voltage controlled Clock module, offering voltage control for the speed and the pulsewidth. the attenuator for the pulse- width CV is bipolar.
Voltage controlled pulse-width adds some vividness to you sequencer, as long as their output trigger-width follows the pulse-width of the clock (the Klee 2 does, as well as the VCPS-8).
Here is the triple module within the 4th cabinet, side by side with the Gate Controlled LPG and the VCPS-8 ADC controlled Sequencer modules.
triple module
These are the three SMD PCBs...
SMD modules
last update 11 JAN 2012
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