fonitrOnic Wasp VCF clone
My own approach to that VCF.

I substituted the resistor values of the filters core with more conventional ones and added a simple exponential current source: Nothing fancy since this filter won't selfoscillate anyway. Thus no 1V/oct calibration or temperature compensation is needed.

I also used three remaining inverter stages of the 4069 for implementing seb francis cmos distortion circuit of his box-o-trix.

To make this module complete i added a blend circuit to balance the wet/dry signals or even external signals.

The 2nd CV in (FM) provides an attenuverter (thank you Funky40 for this idea. it's allways good to listen to a hardcore patchers advice).

On the PCB the output of the filter will be normalled to the distortion input and the 1st blend input. The output of the distortion will be normalled to the 2nd blend input.
Seb Francis' S-DIY (Box-O-Trix)
STATUS: built
Wasp VCF clone
last update 11 JAN 2012
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