PS3000 Resonators
I'm in love with that one!
It's a rebirth of the legendary Resonators from the Korg PS3000 series. It provides three vactrol controlled bandpassfilters and a simple triangle wave LFO. Three LEDs indicate the current status of each filters frequency.

The Resonator PCB layout is tested and works properly.

The three CV inputs utilize switching jack sockets. The CV2 & 3 inputs are normalled in parallel to CV1. Any control voltage applied to CV1 controls all three Resonators. As soon as as any of the other CV inputs is used the corresponding Resonator is controled by this CV only. The output of the LFO is internally normalled to all three CV inputs.

The LFO and the LEDs are not part of the PCB layout yet.
ATTENTION: this is NOT the PCB layout offered on the electro-music forum!
The PCB on the electro-music forum will be a professional manufactured double sided board with soldermask and silkscreening featuring the LEDs and the LFO as well.
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STATUS: built
download the documentation here:
Some pictures of very nice modules others built from the PCB:
Bugbrands fully modded PS3100

Controls are:
CV Section - attenuated CV inputs for each plus master control and LED
(I gotta tweak the LED resistor values maybe - there's still great effects when the LEDs aren't glowing very much... so they're somewhat limited in their display, but good none-the-less)

LFO section - switch for saw / tri / ramp (as suggested in Fonik's PDF) (this is well worth the SPDT c/o switch - the saw and ramp are effectively double the freq of the tri - great!), speed control, positive and inverted outputs, LED speed indicator (driven off positive lfo signal)

Mixer input - two inputs (mixed and kept in-phase) plus feedback channel with +ve or -ve feedback signal

Output mixer - independent levels for dry and wet signals mixed (again, in-phase) to output -- I still don't know whether I prefer this setup to a balance control... a single knob would be good sometimes, but also a little less versatile at others.. swings'n'roundabouts...
Softfins PS3100 far from the north...

With LEDS and LFO, to which he added a rate switch to get 2 different speeds (or three 'cos with the ramp/saw the speed is doubled).
Louis' (casia modular) PS3100 from the netherlands

With LEDS and LFO, built straight forward with that professional beautiful white frontpanel.
bambam's PS3100

With LEDS and LFO, built with LFO speed and shape switch. nice dotcom frontpanel.
helitron's PS3100

That's so cool, isn't it? Silver and blue! Great work by helitron.
He left off the LFO...
negativespace's PS3100

One would buy one, no? He does an awesomejob on the design of his DIY modules.
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