Sound Lab Minisynth is coming...
The SoundLab features an implemented power supply and a midiinterface (EFM 3505 MidiPort). No additional circuitry as S/H, DrumTrigger, changeable timing capacitors or such. Just Ray Wilsons SoundLab Minisynth for Music From Outer Space!

The whole thing is housed in a 1150 Pelicase, waterproof and certified for military use (US Navy and NATO approoval) as for any situation where you need a bit more protection (i.e. dark clubs with flying beercups in the air).

I will add some sounds and pictures of its guts as soon as i finished it.
Below you can download the Schaeffer Frontpanel Design file.
(Music From Outer Space)
Okay, all wiring done, and yes, it makes sounds. There are some issues with the AR, the noise and VCO2 tune. I am not very good in troubleshooting but it has to be done and it will be done.
21 JUN 06

AR fixed! I found a reversed diode!
Thanks to "State Machine" Bill, Uncle Krunkus and Howard Moscovitz from the electro music SL forum for their technical and psychological support.
The EFM MidiPort is populated and will be tested these days.
3 JUL 06
I'll go on a 4 week vacation in the USAmerica. SO i decided to give it a rest until return.
4 JUL 06

Still some problems with the MIDI interface and a faulty pot in the mixer section, but the SL itself works.
here is a 5-track OMD like live performance (no sequencer used, just five tracks with delay and reverb):
how does it sound?
here is a 5-track OMD like live performance (no midi or sequencer used, just five tracks played live with delay and reverb):
two tracks from Mike Simpkins aka Kendall Station.
a track from Wild Zebra using the SL and alittle WSG, Atari Punk Console and Crackle box.
a track from christian Coriolis.
i made this little VSTi using synthedit. the AR generator is not ready yet: the different trigger/ gate modes are not impemented. i don't know how to do it for now...
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